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Wednesday, 16th December

3pm + 7pm

ARA Darling Quarter Theatre

home of Monkey Baa Theatre Company


Starring Lloyd Allison Young, Kate Bookallil and Annie Byron.  


Directed by Moira Blumenthal.


 About A Kind of Reunion 

Dora, a vivacious woman in her sixties, is an irrepressible force of nature, who loves Marlene Dietrich and plans to become a platinum blonde. Her life careens forward with gusto, so as never to look back at the past.


One evening, the tightly held memories of her traumatic past threaten to loosen when her son Stanley finds clues in an old diary. He is then confronted with the decision to keep the secret to protect her, or risk freeing what has stood stubbornly between them for more than thirty years. 

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