The Making of Sasha Fein

by Rob Selzer 

For sixty years Sandy Fein has kept a secret, a secret he is determined to take to the grave. But the day he buries his elderly mother, an old photograph surfaces threatening to expose the truth. So too his grand-daughter picks at the threads of his past as well as the strings of his heart. 

A story of shame, loss, intergenerational ties and the unbreakable bonds of family, The Making of Sasha Fein is a beautiful telling of how a dark secret can pull a family apart or bring them back together.

Listen to the playwright, Rob Selzer  - psychiatric turned playwright. 

Thursday 17 June          7pm

Friday 18 June               11am

Saturday 19 June           3pm and 7pm

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Cast and Creatives

Dramaturg -  Tim McGarry
Director  -  Moira Blumenthal


Barry French
Chris Tomlinson
Rose Shannon-Duhigg
Anna Houston
Danny Ball
John-Paul Santucci.