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Coming in 2024 

   The Enigma of Miles Franklin

Director: Moira Blumenthal
Dramaturgy/editing: Timothy Daly

Following on from the successful readings in 2022, Her Brilliant Career,  will return in 2024 to the main stage in a full production and a revised title of The Kingdom of Eucalypts


Looking through the lens and with the wisdom of age, an older Miles discusses with her younger self the perplexities of time, men and Australian life pre-World War 2.

Miles Franklin returns to Sydney in 1932 after years in Chicago and London, still trying to get published with little success. Frustrated by living with her elderly mother, lack of money and still striving for acceptance, she is desperate to reignite the height of fame she reached with My Brilliant Career when she was only twenty. Hope glimmers when she meets the mercurial publisher Inky Stephensen and joins his ultra-patriotic Yabber Club of writers and thinkers passionate for Australians to embrace their own culture, not the  British kind. As war gathers in Europe, the group segues into the fascist-leaning Australia First movement that looks to Hitler’s Germany as a model for strong leadership.

Season  - Bondi Pavilion - October 29 to November 17 2024. Tickets on sale soon!


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