our second stage presents 


By Brian Fine

With Frederick Copperwaite and Doron Chester

Directed by Tim McGarry.









Presented at ARA Darling Quarter Theatre

proudly supported by Monkey Baa Theatre Company


Wednesday, 14th October, 3pm + 7pm 


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Frederick Copperwaite 

Doron Chester



Bridging the GapBrian Fine
00:00 / 23:15

An older indigenous man strolls along the walking track of The Gap. 


A younger man sits on the edge, staring out at the ocean, contemplating an impossible dilemma.


As the younger man grapples with his identity -  the very real fear of being rejected by his Rabbi father 

and potential ostracism by his community - can this gentle elder save him? 


A chance meeting, fate, or are there other forces at work?


Bridging the Gap is a poignant story about identity, friendship and acceptance.