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Thank you 


Sincere thanks to the following supporters who helped made the season of Stories from the Violins of Hope possible.

Bergman Family Foundation
Lionel Green Testamentary Trust
Neill and Kathy Miller
Sandra and Barry Smorgon Family Foundation
Roth Families
B’nai B’rith Charitable Trust
Mervyn and Lorraine Basserabie
Egon and Miriam Sonnenschein
Jenny Michelson
Anna Johns
Lucille Segal
Ida Lichter and David Constable
Ezekiel Solomon
Norbert and Sonja Schweizer
Bev Michaelis
Anita and Robert Simons
Peter and Nicky Strasser
Mark and Rachel Spigelman
Kathy and Greg Shand
Peter and Edith Ryba
Phillip and Susie Wolanski
Neil and Karen Midalia
Lance Shofer
Sam and Barbara Linz
Anna and Stephen Marks


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