Letters from a troubled Past
In 2 Acts

Torn apart by war, separated by confusion 

by Vic Alhadeff
Salvatore Alhadeff was told that his fiancée, Becky, had been murdered at Auschwitz. She was told that he had perished. They created new, separate lives for themselves. Forty years later, while on holiday in Cape Town, Salvatore overheard her name – the same Becky to whom he had been engaged four decades earlier. “Torn apart by war, separated by confusion” is a poignant glimpse into the tragic plight of the Jews of Rhodes - and the anguished story of a betrothed couple.

Letters of Loss and Refuge
In 2009 Rudolf Schwab’s letters were discovered by his grandson Daniel, in a forgotten trunk in the garage of the family home.
We are taken on a powerful and poignant journey of insight into Rudolf's struggles as a refuge, his displacement, loss of family, reconnection with those who survived and his surprising relationship with his German friend, Karl, a war-wounded Nazi.


Thursday 26 August            7pm
Friday 27 August                11am
Saturday 28 August            3pm and 7pm


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